Seeded Wraps with Hummus, Carrots and Sweet Peppers


seeded tortilla wraps
plain hummus
cheese, ham or smoked tofu slices
sweet red pointed pepper (sliced)
pickled cucumber (sliced)
black olives (sliced)
carrot (grated)
lettuce leaves


Spread hummus on wraps.
Place all ingredients in the middle of each wrap.
Then roll the wraps folding edges inside.
Cut each wrap in half.

Your thoughts…

  1. Wow i woudn’t mind to havve few of those wraps.
    It sounds delicious. And it is almost dinner time here :-)

  2. Lovely wraps, hummus is such a great substitute for mayo! my favorite… I just wanted to let you know that the round-up for T&T May is up now. Hope you re ready for the June challenge.

  3. Another possible lunch for me! :grin: BTW, I hope you have received an e-mail from me regarding your lunchbox event… please let me know if it’s not the case, thanks.

  4. Great filling for a wrap, I could eat that right about now!

  5. That must be one of my favourite combinations – hummus with peppers and carrots. I really should start making my own wraps rather than being lazy and buying them at lunchtime!

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