Mini Party Sandwiches

quick party food recipe


for the base

sliced baguettes or plain, not too salty crackers (I used Ritz)

for toppings

  • crème fraîche, black caviar, unwaxed lemon zest
  • brie cheese, sliced cucumber, cracked rainbow pepper
  • unsalted butter, roasted chicken ham, wasabi or horseradish sauce
  • unsalted butter, blue cheese, cranberry sauce (I used Spiced Cranberry Sauce)
  • herbed cream cheese, rocket leaves or dill, smoked salmon
  • feta cheese, sundried tomatoes, fresh basil leaves
  • fresh mozzarella cheese, green pesto, black olives
  • smooth peanut butter, prunes (on crackers)
  • cream cheese with chives, avocado, cracked rainbow pepper
  • Camembert cheese, cherry tomatoes, cracked rainbow pepper
  • mascarpone cheese, fresh basil leaves, tomato pickle (I used Heinz)
  • unsalted butter, roasted chicken ham, lettuce and cranberry sauce (I used Spiced Cranberry Sauce)
  • mature Cheddar cheese, grapes (on crackers)
  • Stilton cheese, mango, ground ginger (on crackers)

various party sandwiches - flavour combination ideas

With special thanks to my sister in law Mavia for help in preparing them.

More party food ideas:

Michelle from Greedy Gourmet made smoked salmon pâté parcels to be served with crackers.

And Jeanne of Cook Sister created retro stacks with smoked salmon and avocado.

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  1. These are beautiful and they looks so good.

  2. I love these little look so nice!!!

  3. Beautiful. Not many parties going on here right now though!

  4. would love this for my appetizer or light lunch. looks yummy!

  5. Good party appetizer suggestion. We can try this on crostini too. Just for a ‘lil crunch!

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