Local Food Advisor Prize Draw (CLOSED)

Coffee and Vanilla

This month I have been selected to receive chest full of sweets from The Oldest Sweet Shop in England and all that thanks to becoming friend of Local Food Advisor. I wasn’t aware of the prize draw until Matthew of Local Food Advisor sent me the message with those great news! Thank you soooo much :)

Kids loved all those traditional English sweets, and me the mouse mat and the chest itself, I filled it already with my craft supplies ;) I used also some of them to decorate “Goodbye” cake for my daughter’s preschool.

If you also would like become friends with them follow this link.

Your thoughts…

  1. Wow. What fun! Now get the insulin ready!

  2. Aaah! The memories. I can spot some flying saucers in there. Happy days.


  3. That is so cool!

  4. I had one of those in April, they’re great aren’t they :D

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