My name is Margot and I was born in Warsaw, Poland, my better half Michael (the “coffee” in Coffee & Vanilla) came from Roseau on beautiful island of Dominica in the Caribbean. Currently together with our children: Ella (4) & Marissa (9) we live in diverse city of Brighton, UK (after almost 10 years spent in London’s Islington and previously working on the cruise ship where we have met back in 1998).

I have stared Coffee & Vanilla back in 2007 and it’s dedicated to European & Caribbean cuisine, crafts, home decor, DIY, travel, photography, multiracial hair products, natural cosmetics, healthy lifestyle, lunchboxes  and other aspect of our family life. Most of the pictures on the website are actual dishes / crafts that were made by us, taken with my old Nikon D50. The WordPress theme of the blog has been done by my talented husband.

When I’m not blogging, I work as freelance photo retoucher at our virtual 416 Studios. I sell also our artworks on Redbubble and crafts via Etsy.

Feel free to connect with me via Google+. If you are interested in working with me you can learn more about my skills and experience from my LinkedIn profile.

I hope you enjoy you stay on  Coffee & Vanilla!


p.s. Please forgive me not replying to all your comments and emails. I do read all of them and do my best to reply to most of messages but sometimes my day does not have enough hours, so please don’t take my lack of time for ignorance.


From time to time I write also reviews, commissioned articles, add affiliated links or promote give-aways that I was asked to blog about, but it does not mean that I was told what do write… all materials on C&V are my unbiased impressions of the products or services. Some of the reviews can be also read on Amazon website or on our other blog at 416 Studios.  All sponsored in any way articles are disclosed. If you wonder how come mostly positive reviews are published in Tried & Tested series – it is simply because I don’t mention products that are not worth it.


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