Kraszanki, Drapanki & Pisanki – Polish Easter Traditions

pisanki Polish Easter tradition

Pisanki are general name for all kind of coloured, decorated eggs that are indispensable part of any Polish Easter table.

traditional Polish Easter table

There is many ways do them, this year I was decorating eggs in traditional ways with wax, lace, mostly natural dyes and crochet while kids were using non-toxic felt tip pens (image below).

kids Easter crafts

Skrobanki (drapanki) – naturally dyed and scratched eggs.

Polish skrobanki scratched scrapped eggs

Kraszanki – naturally dyed eggs, usually plain or decorated with very little detail like those lace pattern eggs (below) or scratched eggs (above).

kraszanki vs. pisanki

Woskowe pisanki – wax & onion shell dyed eggs.

wax and onion shell dyed eggs

And a little bit less traditional pisanki done with wax crayon (eye liner) and food colouring.

Eggs decorated with wax

Szydełkowe Pisanki – crochet covered eggs.

szydelkowe pisanki

I hope that you are enjoying holidays despite the weather, cold and snowy in some parts of UK and Poland, and secretly wish that I will wake up tomorrow to beautiful sunny morning…

Happy Spring Everyone!

Happy Easter Happy Spring card


We still haven’t try all the methods so there is couple more things we would like to try, maybe next year…

  • sticking ribbons and beads
  • dyeing eggs in stockings with leaves and cut-outs inside
  • sticking thread around
  • painting the eggs with non-toxic paint as I used to do as a child
  • sticking coloured paper or rolled tissue paper

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  1. Love the way you decorated these eggs. This is something I need to try with the kids

  2. Thank you Wizzy, we had lots of fun… next year I want to try sticking yarn and paper cut-outs (traditional Polish way).

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