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Inspiring Food Photography (IFP October 2007)

Posted on: 19th Oct 2007


September IFP winner was Haalo from Cook (almost) Anything At Least Once.

This month I want to nominate some more great blogs with inspiring food photographs:

I’m waiting for your votes! Please post them in comment box.

You can vote for any site, not only those I have selected.

This post is open for votes till last day of October, midnight, London, UK time.

To find out more about IFP Events click here: IFP Rules & Archives.

Thank you Everyone for your votes!

October IFP winner is Anh from Food Lover’s Journey.

Congratulations Anh, please collect your trophy!

ifp_100px_oct_07_winner.jpg ifp_winner_mini_banner.gif

This post is now closed for votes, to vote for this month IFP click event logo on the side bar.

Margot DOLEWSKA DYERMargot DOLEWSKA DYER is Brighton based blogger dedicated to crafts, recipes, reviews, food styling and photography. She is also behind 416 Studios specializing in web design & photo retouching. You can connect with her via Google+.

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  1. Hi Coffee,
    think i am the first to vote this month..
    and my support goes to Anh of Food Lover’s Journey!!!

  2. Why don’t you include Gattinamia ; kitchen unplugged

    Her photography are simply classic.

  3. Mona, thank you for letting us know about this site.
    Here is link to Gattina blog Kitchen Unplugged if someone would want to take a look.
    I count your comment as a vote for Kitchen Unplugged.

  4. anh.

  5. I think I’ll vote for Kitchen Unplugged too!! she has a wonderful eye for details and is fabulous with the camera. She truly “inspires” us to capture our food the way she does!!

  6. My vote goes for Anh from Food lovers journey.

  7. Anh!Anh!Anh!:)

  8. Hi there, out of those three I would vote for Anh.